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attention all young womyn! (NOTE: from Ellie, not me! i'm just the messenger!)

Attention all Gggrrrllllzzz!
Hello all you wonderful young women! The time has come, once again, to start thinking about Girls' Weekend at Circle Pines. I'm the coordinator this year and I've been coming up with ideas centering around a theme of "Taking Care of Ourselves." The goal would be to explore techniques and tools for self care (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) from a specifically female perspective. The weekend will remind us of the wealth of resources we have in our existing female community and introduce new skills and practices to make the individuals and the community even stronger. We'll cook together, play games, have discussions, and run around outside in the delicate, late-April beauty of Circle Pines.

Okay, so the late-April beauty may be a little on the muddy side, but that's fun too.

Girls' weekend will take place from the evening of Friday, April 21 through Sunday, April 23. All Girls aged 13-17 are welcome. Please spread the word and register as soon as you can.

The big favor I need is input from folks who have attended the last two Girls' Weekends. What activities worked the best for you? What did you get the most out of? What made it fun (or not fun)? Is there anything you'd like to do again? What could happen differently? Is there something you'd like to do or talk about that fits with this year's theme?

Let me know. I'm excited about my ideas, but I want the weekend to be relevant and responsive to you guys, so I need your ideas.

Oh. The other favor I need is for somebody who knows how to post this to the CPC LJ to do that for me. I can't figure it out.

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